*Steak & Burger Box 1 Plus Free St Mel's Beer!

*Steak & Burger Box 1 Plus Free St Mel's Beer!

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Steak & Burger BOX 1

Tomahawk Steaks, 2 pieces
Striploin Steaks, 1 pack, 2 steaks
Sausages, 2 packs, 6 per pack
Butcher’s Secret, 1 pack, 3 steaks
Burgers x 4, 180g each
4 x 440ml cans of St Mels 'Go on So' or  St Mels 'I will yeah' Ale 

Sausages are made by an award-winning craft butcher and are a natural-casing sausage. We have two flavours in each pack; the plain award-winning sausage, and a chilli & black pepper blend that really adds sweetness. They are old fashioned, hand-made, and linked. When Allan worked as an apprentice butcher, people would order by number of sausages. So in Dublin it was traditionally “16 to the pound”. These are “6 to the pound”–  so thick and juicy. Make sure you prick the skin with a fork before cooking.

We have selected our local craft brewer, St Mel’s Brewery in Longford. These guys make a great product and are feeling the Lock-down with pubs and restaurants closed. So we had a chat with the lads, Liam Hanlon and Eoin Tynan, and decided that we would introduce a selection from our Local Craft Brewery for free!