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John Stone and Powerscourt Distillery have teamed up to produce something unique: whiskey-infused dry aged beef.

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At John Stone Beef we stay ahead of the competition by paying attention to five key aspects of our business; farming, the environment, selection, ageing and butchery. To find out more about our story, visit our trade website.

“Coming myself from a small village in the countryside of Europe, I truly appreciate a product that is still connected to its community and the land it comes from. When tasting, John Stone Beef convinced us all, as it features the perfect combination of rich flavour and tenderness and delivers in uncompromised quality ever since.”

Gerhard Passrugger – Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong.

“Six years ago when I was looking for a supplier for my beef, John Stone stood out among the rest. Not only was I impressed by the quality of their beef, they were also genuine. I wanted to build a relationship and trust with a company who cares about their products and the needs of the client. John Stone exceeded in everything from client service to excellence in product specification. As for the taste, it is undeniably the best.”

Reif Othman – Reif Kushiyaki, Dubai

“Irish beef is held in the highest esteem around the world because of the integrity and passion of Irish farmers in raising cattle. The benefit of this is the unique and delicious flavour of the beef, guaranteed marbling and tenderness through the hand-picked dry ageing process. All these made John Stone an obvious choice for The Marker Hotel.”

Gareth Mullins – The Marker Hotel Dublin